Southwest Customer Exposes Self, Punches Another Passenger, Then Strips Naked

Here’s an issue you probably didn’t expect to run into on your flight from Oakland to Las Vegas. According to the SF Chronicle, a man exposed himself, then punched a passenger who screamed. After that, he decided to strip naked and resist while flight attendants and other passengers subdued him. The flight was turned around and both the man and the woman he punched were taken to the hospital. They apparently don’t know each other, and the man is wanted on drug charges.

A passenger gave the paper a picture she took on her cellphone camera as the man was being arrested by quite a few uniformed individuals. We counted 6, but that might be another one behind him. We’re not sure.

The paper says 10 sheriff’s deputies boarded the plane.

Passenger takes it all off, plane turns around [SF Chronicle]
(Photo:Danielle Lichliter / Special to The Chronicle)

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