Brooklyn Man Accidentally Controls Stove With Smartphone

Sometimes miracles can be terrifying, such as when incoming calls on your smartphone PDA somehow turn your stove on.

That’s the situation in which Brooklyn resident Andrei Melnikov found himself, according to an ABC Eyewitness News 7 story:

Melnikov has had the PDA three years and says this is the first time it turned on his oven. Even still, he’s shaken and says he can’t sleep knowing it just might happen again. He and his wife have pet chinchillas and are thankful that Melnikov didn’t leave the apartment while the oven was cooking.

I don’t understand why the guy’s complaining, other than the whole nearly-burned-down-his-home thing. How cool would it be to control your oven or other household appliances with a phone? Braggart iPhone owners, let’s see you download an app that can match this.

Cell phone cooks up trouble [ABC Eyewitness News 7]
(Photo: me and the sysop)
(Thanks, Mike/Discounteggroll!)

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