Slimmer, Cheaper PS3 Coming In September

In a move to spike slumping PlayStation 3 sales, Sony revealed the long-rumored PS3 Slim will be slinking onto shelves Sept. 1.

In addition to its smaller form factor, the PS3 Slim also sports a sleek price — $300, half of what the high-end version of the console cost when it was released in 2006. The new 120GB hard drive has twice the space of the original, but lacks the ability to play PS2 games and the tech geek-adored trait of letting you install Linux to use it as a computer. Maybe that’s why the old 60GB model, no longer on store shelves, is going for $950 or more on Amazon.

Also, the other PS3s on the market drop to $300. The cheap new PS3 seems exciting, especially for holdouts who were waiting for just the right time to upgrade from the PS2. But those folks may want to hold out even longer, for Sony to release its inevitable 250GB follow-up.

Does the new console iteration have any of you thinking about taking the PS3 plunge now?

Sony announces PS3 Slim for $299 [Techtree]
(Photo: Techtree)

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