New Jersey Man Sues Allerca For Non-Delivery Of Amazing Hypoallergenic Cat

Allerca’s elusive hypoallergenic kittens remain elusive. A few months ago, we posted about Allerca and their amazing genetically engineered allergy-safe felines. “Lifestyle Pets” charged thousands of dollars for the kittens, but failed to actually deliver any. We featured one scammed reader’s story, and now another kittenless customer is suing the company.

Andrew Reale paid $5,950 for his kitten and $1,950 for a spot at the top of the waiting list, and was promised a kitten in mid-September 2008. Then October. Then December. Then January. You can guess where this is going.

When the kitten was not delivered in January, Allerca sent another e-mail on Feb. 4, saying the feline would be delivered as soon as possible. A month later, on March 6, Allerca said the delivery scheduled had been affected by “decreased kitten production,” according to the lawsuit.

[Andrew] Reale, who has not received the kitten, is seeking the return of his money, the suit states.

Good luck to him.

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