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Garlic Fries Return To McDonald’s Testing Locations In Bay Area

Garlic Fries Return To McDonald’s Testing Locations In Bay Area

Our brief national — er, rather, very regional nightmare is now over: McDonald’s confirmed that Gilroy Garlic Fries have returned to four testing locations in the San Francisco Bay Area as of Tuesday, after selling out earlier this month. There’s still no word, however, if they’ll get a spot on menus nationwide. [via] [More]

These kittens want you to get a kitten. (Great Beyond)

Uber Customers Can Order Up A Kitten Visit In More Than 50 Cities Today

If you’ve missed your chance in the past to order a kitten visit through Uber — whether because there weren’t enough cats to go around or the offer wasn’t available in your city — you’ve got another opportunity today. Uber will bring shelter kittens (many of which are eligible for adoption) to customers in more than 50 cities today between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Snuggle fee: $30 for 15 minutes of playtime. [Uber] [More]

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Girl Scouts Announce Upcoming Season Will Include New Gluten-Free Flavors

The time of our national waistline expansion is approaching, and this time Girl Scout cookie season won’t be limited only to those who can tolerate gluten: The girls’ group announced that the 2015 season will include three new flavors, two of which are gluten-free. [More]