Circuit City Auctions 30 Million Customer Contacts

Circuit City is putting a snazzy item up on the auction block — 30 million customer contacts and its Firedog home installation/repair brand.

The Richmond BizJournal on the auction:

“It’s essentially a mailing list,” said Gabe Fried, managing partner and founder of Streambank.

“There is enough information there for marketing people to sort of cull the list to find their targets,” Fried said.

This is great news for “targets” who gave Circuit City personal info but were feeling blue that the company was no longer contacting them since it went belly up. Rest assured that whoever buys the info from Circuit City will want it really, really bad. Like, possibly $14 million bad. And they’ll need to recover costs by selling you stuff. Yay!

Do I hear $10 million for firedog? [Richmond BizSense]
(Thanks, Jon!)

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