Ring Ring Hello, I'm Not A Debt Collector!

Nothing says “wow I can’t wait to see who is on the other end of the line” like a company that programmed their number to show up on caller ID as “NOT A COLLECTER.”

According to reports on whocalled.us and 800notes, the number belongs to a telemarketer calling people, sometimes on their cellphone, about their “auto warranty” or about “lowering their interest rates.”

One person says that when they called back and asked for the name of one of the customer service reps, he said his name was “Ben Dover.” Right now if you call the number, a recording plays a few times of a young woman thanking you for calling back and informing you you can press 1 to be removed from their “preferred marketing list.”

Truth in advertising, I guess. At least they’re not “COLLECTERS.”

[via Tits and Wits] (Thanks to Richard!)

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