My TWC DVR Is Possessed By The Ghost Of Someone Who Likes Tom & Jerry Cartoons

Perhaps you’ll recall reader Dave, who was told by Time Warner Cable that the reason he wasn’t getting Fox in HD was that they had stopped broadcasting it in the New York City area. We had hoped that publishing his letter would help resolve some of his issues, but sadly, that is not the case. Dave is back and this time his DVR is possessed by someone who likes “Tom & Jerry” cartoons.

Dave writes (to TWC):

I just wanted to give you an update as to TWC’s continuing failure to deliver the TV services that I am paying for.

Apparently, TWC is just too inept to get this fixed. My TV picture continues to freeze up with audio cutting out on a regular basis. Last night my wife and I missed 17 minutes of a one hour show because I had to reboot the POS DVR that I PAY FOR, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES to get the picture unstuck. That doesn’t even count the other times when I only had to shut everything off and turn it back on to get my picture back. Once again, this is NOT a problem with any of the equipment in my home. I know this for a number of reasons:

You’ve had numerous technicians in my home who determined there was nothing wrong with my equipment
Your operations/maintenance head (Keith) has confirmed to me in the past the issues that TWC has had with the Scientific Altlantica DVRs and your signal coming from NYC
I have this problem, my neighbors in my development have this problem and, as evidenced on a town message board, others in my town have this problem

Then, this morning, I discover just how screwed up your DVR is. I was scrolling through the program guide when I saw that I had an upcoming recording of “Tom & Jerry” scheduled. I found that odd, as I know neither my wife or I set that recording and my 6 month old son hasn’t quite mastered the use of the DVR yet. So, I went to delete the scheduled recording when I saw that the confirmation screen was asking me if I wanted to cancel recording FOR A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SHOW!!! Maybe that’s got something to do with why my DVR keeps recording reruns, even though the recording options are set to capture first run shows only.

Once again, TWC = FAIL!!!

So, I called TWC Customer Service. They wanted to send out a technician, since, according to their records, the last technician to come out to my home was in April. I guess my correspondence with the Executive Response Center (in May) and the subsequent technician they sent out didn’t count. Maybe you guys could, I dunno’, actually communicate with one another so the left hand knows what the right is doing.

So, I’ve got an appointment set for tomorrow between 2-6pm. Yes, once again, I have to block off my afternoon so TWC can send a technician to not resolve my problem. If your technician comes, sees the problem and can’t fix it I expect free service until such time as the problem has been resolved. Why should I continue to pay for a service that TWC is too inept to provide?

Oh yeah, I’m also planning to start capturing the video of your craptastic service. Once I make a nice compilation/mix tape of TWC’s absurdly bad service I will be creating a new You Tube channel to post it all on. I’ll also be sure to record your technician’s visit tomorrow. Once the You Tube page is up I’ll be sure to send you a link. I will also use it to actively lobby the neighbors in my development to ditch TWC for FIOS when it’s available.

Honestly, TWC is the WORST service company that I have to deal with. Your products and services suck. Your customer service sucks. Your technicians suck.

When the day comes that FIOS becomes available not only am I going to shout it from the rooftops, but I am going to actively campaign to have each of my neighbors ditch your services for Verizon’s.

Poor Dave.

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