1.3 Mile Long Wedding Dress Shows China Is Ready For Gross Consumerism, Too!

A Chinese bride recently walked down the aisle wearing a 7,083-foot-long wedding dress that took 200 guests over three hours to unfurl. The $5,800 dress could be a sign of China’s potential to threaten America’s reigning status as the capital of gross consumerism, if only the bridegroom hadn’t personally designed the dress with his family’s help. Explaining the lavish garment, he said: “I do not want a cliche wedding parade or banquet.”

After the event, he cut the dress down to 1,984.1022m, to represent his bride’s date of birth, and added 608 crystals, one for every day they had dated.

Mr Zhao said he had submitted his attempt to Guinness World Records in London and would also be sending video footage.

“Both the length of the dress and the number of silk roses pinned on the wedding dress can make history,” he said, but added that it did not matter to him whether he was successful or not.

The whole effort cost Mr Zhao about 40,000 yuan ($5,800; £3,470), but his schoolteacher bride was reported to have “laughed and cried at the romantic gesture”.

Maybe Americans could learn from the relatively inexpensive do-it-yourself extravagance. It actually is quite romantic, even if it didn’t win over everyone.

Mr Zhao’s mother appeared less impressed.

“It is a waste of money in my opinion,” she told Xinhua.

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(Photo: Reuters)

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