Testing Infomercial Beauty Products So You Don't Have To

Since Consumer Reports hasn’t yet stepped up and recruited big-hair aficionados and large-breasted side-sleepers to test infomercial beauty products such as Bumpits or the Kush Support, Lemondrop has stepped up to test these products, as well as beauty and weight loss products ranging from the PedEgg to Colonblow.

The products were rated on a scale of 1 to 5 ShamWows. Consumerist favorite the Wearable Towel recieved a favorable review, which points out one of the hidden advantages of the product:

[L]ittle did I know that when you go to a pool or beach party with the super-dorky Wearable Towel, each and every single person at the party will talk to you. That includes every single cute guy AND all of their friends.

Hmm. No, sorry, still not enough for me to order.

We Try It — As-Seen-on-TV Beauty [Lemondrop]

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