Sprint, AT&T Won't Tell Identity Theft Victim Where Thief Resides

Fearing his identity would be stolen, Mike put out a fraud alert on his credit report to insure he’d be contacted whenever new credit applications went out under his name. The move paid off because someone snagged his social security number and tried to open accounts with AT&T and Sprint.

Both were courteous enough to call Mike and deny the thief’s attempts at opening the accounts, but their helpfulness stopped when Mike asked to know where his assailant was:

I got a call from AT&T asking to verify that I was opening a new account with them. I said no I’m at home. They apologized and then said they will halt the application process. I said, tell me where this is occurring so I can file a report. They said they couldn’t divulge that information as it’s private and due to the privacy act they cannot discus such information over the phone, I ask to speak to a manager they said nobody was available.

Next up Sprint. I got a call Monday 8/3 asking the same thing. This time I lost my cool. I demanded some sorta retribution for this. I asked repeatedly why they could not help me. They suggested I speak to their fraud department. I said well thanks that may help. I then call Sprints fraud department and got the runaround. It would seem that somebody would have to open an account in your name for them to actually be able to help you. I again speak to a person that gives me this “privacy act riot” I again ask to speak to a manager and was denied.

I went online and did a search on what to do, problem is I’m not sure how to file a police report if I don’t know where this is occuring from. I filed a very brief FTC complaint. And I already have a Fraud alert. I also requested my credit report from one of the credit agencies (however due to my fraud alert I have to give my first born child in order to get it as I’m not able to view over the internet.

So bottom line. I’m at my wits end. I don’t know where else to turn. I don’t even know how they got a hold of my social as I’m very very anal about giving it out and shred all of my papers that would’ve had it. I don’t even carry my social card with me it’s in a fire proof safe at home. The only thing I can think of is I recently bought a house and switched my cell phone into my name. So either Verizon or somebody at a bank stole my info…..

At least Mike is better prepared than most identity theft victims. But his story is a cautionary tale that no matter how careful you are, you’re always vulnerable to such attacks, and won’t necessarily find potentially defrauded corporations in helpful moods.

(Photo: Spidra Webster)

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