Sorry, You Can't Eat At BK Because Your Baby Isn't Wearing Shoes

One Burger King manager in St. Louis, MO is really excited about the no shoes, no shirt, no service policy in his restaurant. In fact, if you bring a 6-month-old infant into his restaurant with no shoes and refuse to leave until you’re finished eating, he’s calling the police.

KTVI says the manager was standing next to the cashier as she ordered, and warned her that she could take her order “to go” or she could find some shoes for her baby. The woman says the baby is too young to even have shoes, but she put some socks on her in an effort to be diplomatic. This did not win over the manager, who threatened to call the police if she didn’t take her shoeless baby out of the restaurant. He claimed the baby’s lack of footwear was a violation of “health code.”

“People had to know about this…if you’re going to go to Burger King get some shoes on your baby or go somewhere else,” she said. “I think they [Burger King managers] just need to understand, it’s a baby. They’re not going to be walking around in their dirty, nasty, feet. I feel like the policy was probably for grown adults who might walk in without shoes on. That’s understandable. But, babies don’t wear shoes,” she told KTVI.

UPDATE: Burger King has apologized.

Restaurant Threatens To Kick Out Baby Not Wearing Shoes [KTVI via MomLogic]
(Photo:Amy the Nurse)

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