See The US Postal Service's List Of Proposed Closings

Is your post office on the list of locations (PDF) the USPS is considering closing to save money? We checked and our last one in Brooklyn isn’t, which proves that they didn’t base the list on degree or intensity of suck, or it would have been closed, burned down, and the earth salted.

ABC News (which is also hosting the PDF document if the link above doesn’t work) says the list only includes about 700 of the 3,200 locations under review, so don’t assume your branch is in the clear if it’s not on this list.

Whatever happens, ABC notes that “the Postal Service says no branches will close before Sept. 30.”

“The List: Post Offices That May Close” [ABC News]

Surely We Can Survive On Five Postal Deliveries A Week?”
“Brooklyn Heights Postman Lifts With Neither Knees Nor Back”
(Photo: anyjazz65)

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