Sports Illustrated Offers Alluring Bribe To Potential Subscribers

Sports Illustrated has thought of a clever way to boost its subscriber rate among the younger demographic — give away the consistently bestselling Madden NFL video game with a subscription. For a $50 28-issue subscription you get Madden NFL 10 on any current system. And you also get a bonus NFL Films DVD.

If you were planning on buying the game anyway for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, the deal will actually save you $10 and net you half a year of the weekly magazine. If you cancel the subscription you’ll only get a full refund if you return the game and DVD. If you cancel and keep the bonuses, SI deducts a $26 handling fee from your refund. Since you could easily turn around and sell the game for more than that, there’s no way to lose here.

Subscribe to SI and get Madden NFL 10 for free! [Sports Illustrated, via Kotaku]

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