The One Question To Ask Before Buying Fitness Equipment

Are you motivated? Because if you’re not, don’t bother. Put down your credit card, walk away from the pretty advertisements, you’re just going to waste money. Seem overly simplistic? Maybe it is, but it’s a reality most of us don’t have the courage to face. Paul Michael over at Wise Bread offers up his own story as proof…

Most people buy exercise equipment because they have romanticized the idea of working out. They watch the ads and infomercials, and everything looks so easy and so much fun. Plus, people look great after just a few months.

It’s not the equipment that’s to blame by the way. My rowing machine works great. Elliptical machines and exercise bikes work really well. Weights are guaranteed to be effective if you use them correctly. No, what is missing here is a lack of motivation, and it’s something that no amount of money can buy.

Here’s the crux of the matter. Most of us already own a fantastic piece of workout equipment. It’s our own body. We can use our own bodies to work out, using push ups, sit ups, jogging, yoga, pilates and more. I knew a guy in college that was built like a tank and he didn’t own one piece of equipment. He couldn’t afford it, so he worked out in his bedroom by doing a mixture of exercises, including 100 push-ups, every single morning. He had the motivation, and the dedication, and if he’d been given a piece of equipment you can bet your bottom dollar he’d have used it.

The promise of looking great, coupled with slick advertisements and the quest for a better, healthier body, is enough to make us all open up our wallets and drop a bunch of money on the next great hope. But sadly, for most of us, that shiny new piece of equipment will one day become a dusty new bargain in a garage sale.

If you are motivated, then we and our useless pull-up bar hate you with jealously. Go for a run already, and stop mocking us with your damn muscle tone.

Ready To Buy Some Exercise Equipment? Read This First. [Wise Bread] (Thanks to Paul!)
(Photo: lucyfrench123)

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