Scorpions On A Plane: Southwest Passenger Bitten By Venomous Beast, Panic Ensues

Doug Herbstommer and his 10-year-old son were preparing to disembark from a Phoenix flight when a three-inch poisonous bark scorpion dropped from the overhead compartment and bit Doug on the hand. On closer inspection, five more scorpions were found nestling nearby. Passengers started to scream and jump up onto their seats. Why, is there something scary about a bunch of poisonous scorpions whose bite can cause extreme pain, frothing at the mouth, and temporary paralysis??!?

Herbstommer was treated at Indianapolis International Airport and survived to tell the “tail”; his son later pronounced the incident to have been “awesome”.

Southwest officials mumbled something about scorpions climbing into people’s luggage, and the plane was promptly fumigated.

Southwest Airlines Passenger Stung by Stowaway Scorpion [KTLA] (Thanks to Charles!)
(Photo: mohamed.shaaz)

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