New York State Provides Car Inspection Stickers That Lack One Important Feature

Stickers need to stick to things. That’s why they call them stickers. Someone should have explained this to the State of New York.

Apparently, New York is having trouble finding a “sticker vendor” that makes stickers that do not immediately peel off of your car. This probably wouldn’t be a big deal — except that not having the sticker will get you a ticket.

From the Albany Times-Union:

State Department of Motor Vehicles officials apologized for the failure of many inspection stickers applied in 2005, which were coming loose before they were due for replacement in 2006. The problem, which affected “safety only” certifications, was blamed on a faulty batch of glue, and the supplier changed the adhesive.

Now, stickers are failing again. One fuming motorist contacted The Advocate to say he was pulled over by police because his sticker had peeled off.

Meanwhile, Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola said, his county-operated state DMV satellite office is hearing from plenty of drivers whose registration stickers are peeling and falling off as well. “We get ’em all the time. I think we had three today,” Merola said Wednesday.

This sounds like a whole lot of fun.

Faulty DMV stickers leaving frustrated motorists glueless [Times-Union] (Thanks, Anthony!)

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