Why Cash For Clunkers Was Doomed

Cash For Clunkers never had a chance. It was smothered at birth by a pile of paperwork and ever-changing rules, as this dealership worker reveals, using a combination of the words “cluster” and “fudge,” except, of course, not fudge.

AndYaDontStop, who took the photo used in this post, writes:

The other bitch in this whole thing is that the government has put $1 billion into this program, which when divided mathematically into the average rebate and the number of dealers participating nationwide, gives each dealer about 12 vouchers to use. We had, at one time, 80-100 people on our list of interested customers. Can you say clusterf***?

Guess a billion doesn’t buy you much these days. It’s kind of like the Denny’s free grand slam fiasco all over again. When will people realize that giving away money and free stuff will always be much more popular than expected when you do it in a 10% unemployment economy?

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(Photo: AndYaDontStop)

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