Steak WIth A Side Of Used Tampon Allegedly Served To Tourist At Waldorf-Astoria

The image at left has been redacted for the protection of our more sensitive readers. The events of this story, if true, simply boggle the mind. A German tourist visiting New York City alleges that his delicious steak was somehow served with a used tampon on it. Warning: blissfully grainy photo and video inside.

The diner alleges that he discovered the object after he somehow put it in his mouth and briefly chewed on it. He then ran to the bathroom and vomited, like any sensible person. Hospital tests showed that it was a tampon, and he has been tested for blood-borne diseases.

Curiously, even though this happened over two weeks ago, we haven’t been able to find an update to the story.

We held an emergency meeting of the women on the Consumerist editorial staff, and came to the following conclusions:

  • We’re confused about the very logistics of this incident. How does this happen? No, seriously, how could it happen in McDonald’s, let alone the Waldorf?
  • The tampon doesn’t really look “used.”
  • If there’s blood on this thing, is it human? There’s blood in meat.
  • How could a steak leave the kitchen that way?
  • How does one put a tampon in one’s mouth without noticing?
  • if a woman wanted to sabotage someone’s food, she’d find a way more subtle way about it.
  • Ewwww!

In summary, we concur with our esteemed former colleagues at Gawker: the tourist’s claims are most likely bulls**t.

Alternately, this could be part of some kind of agricultural cross-breeding program to combine crops. You know, like Tomacco. Growing beef cattle that also contain cotton. Monsanto is probably behind it somehow.

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