Snuggie Addresses Fake "Rebate" Check Story

Allstar Products, the company that makes Snuggies, sent out a clarification today regarding that weird $8.25 check that some customers were receiving in the mail. As far as they’re concerned, it was a small promo and they were upfront about everything—the check “is not a rebate, nor was it ever represented as a rebate.”

They also point out that the terms were clearly stated.

Terms of the Great Fun program, including the $149 annual fee, are clearly explained and included in multiple places – on the check and in the accompanying letter. The program is backed by a guarantee of satisfaction and customers can cancel at anytime.

Of course, most Consumerists know better than to cash any check a stranger sends you without reading every accompanying bit of fine print.

Allstar adds, “”We also want to assure consumers that this was a test program […] distributed to a very small sample of Snuggie customers.” They don’t mention whether or not they plan on extending the program to a wider pool of customers, however.

“Warning: Read The Fine Print Before Cashing An Unexpected Rebate Check”

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