Super Genius Bear Thwarts BearVault 500 Canister

If you plan on going camping in the bear-infested badlands known as the Adirondacks (note: any place with a bear is infested with bears as far as I’m concerned), don’t bother packing your food in the supposedly bear-proof BearVault 500. Although it’s been rigorously tested by grizzlies at a California zoo and at Yellowstone National Park, there’s apparently an unnaturally smart—perhaps even octopus-smart—125-pound black bear in upstate New York who has figured out how to open it.

“She’s quite talented,” said Jamie Hogan, owner of BearVault, based in San Diego. “I’m an engineer, and if one genius bear can do it, sooner or later there might be two genius bears. We’re trying to work on a new design that we can hopefully test on her.”

His company and New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation have cautioned campers in the Adirondacks against using the BearVault because of its vulnerability here. There have been no reports of the BearVault being regularly broken into anywhere else in the country.

If you were planning on taking a BearVault 500 with you to the Adirondacks this summer, we suggest you instead leave your food, and yourself, at home. Sweet, sweet, bear-free home.

“Bear-Proof Can Is Pop-Top Picnic for a Crafty Thief” [New York Times] (Thanks to Charles!)
(Photo: OctopusHat)

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