Etsy Fraudster Goes After Beadmakers Who Got Her Banned

A woman named Ullja Kuntze was booted from Etsy after word got around that she was buying handmade beads and reselling them as her own. Her original Etsy pages read, “All my beads are made by me in my private glass studio in Milan Italy.” Kuntze was actually doing business from Waco, Texas, and now that legitimate beadmakers have gotten her kicked off of Etsy and Artfire, she’s trying to get their own websites shut down under false spam accusations, and/or get them investigated by the IRS for tax fraud.

Here’s one example from last summer where a beadmaker posted that Kuntze was reselling her beads. Kuntze referred to the post on a legal advice site and asked how to get it shut down for defamation. According to this site, she succeeded in getting at least one website shut down temporarily by accusing it of spamming.

Our tipster, who asked to remain anonymous to avoid Kuntze’s wrath, pointed us to her new blog Online Fraud investigation, where she accuses beadmakers of committing tax fraud, and TaxEvaderWatch, her similarly themed Twitter account.

She doesn’t seem to be having much effect so far, fortunately, except that her actions did bring about this funny parody blog from someone who’s been following her exploits. Here’s a sample rant from Fake Ullja Kuntze, filled with the sort of creative punctuation and misspelling that the real Kuntze has demonstrated:

This seller has been selling handmade lampwork beads and jewelry online at various venues such as Etsy, Ebay etc. THIS IS WRONG!! Because no one is buying MY THINGS for reasons such as POOR QUALITY, NASTY COOKIES AND CRAP ASS BEADS !!!

In our minds. In our reality. In our world we are QUEEN DUCHESS TEAPOT HABERDASHERY!! RULER OF ALL!! PARTY OF ONE!!!

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