Internet Trolls Trash Tardy, Chest-Thumping, Monitor Shipper

If you’re a big jerk on the internet, eventually the internet will be a big jerk to you. That’s the tale of Adam Goldstein, a guy who didn’t ship a monitor promptly, sent aggressive emails to the buyer, got mocked in online forums, started posturing in those forums, and then had a series of harassing actions conducted against his person by numerous strangers. Things like all-black faxes…

…sent to him, 25,000 UPS boxes ordered, male strippers and countless pizzas ordered, and sick things that were actually done in person, like dead animals thrown at his house and posters placed around his neighborhood calling him a child molester. According to one of the troll site, others include:

Constant phone calls to his home, cell, and place of business
His personal website has been shut down.
The Provider of his website has been shut down.
over 9000 ****stars contacted to meet at his home.
Myspace account hacked/shut down.
Local pizza parlors delivering tomorrow morning and afternoon.
At least 25,000 UPS boxes shipped to his home and place of business for the next 4-12 weeks.
2000 sq ft of maple hardwood samples sent to his home.
Condoms & Lube for the next 4 – 6 weeks.
Bibles, Korans, and Jehovas Witnesses scheduled to come by his office.
Various free samples/products/literature/brochures addressed to his home.
Gay Newsletters.
Constant harassment and billing charges due to excessive cell phone messages.
Streams of Islamic bibles and DVDs with conversion tips have been constantly shipped.
Male prostitutes have been sent.
Posters of H1N1 virus posted around his house.

It’s a case study of how perfectly not to handle an online PR flameout, and the extreme lynch mob that can ensue (their credo: you poke me, I shoot you in the face). You can use your trusty friend Google if you want to read the depraved corners of the internet that house the story in toto.

(Thanks to yuwtze!)

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