Creative Ways to Save Money on a Wedding

Depending on the source, the cost of an average wedding in the US is somewhere between a low of $20k and a high of almost $30k. No matter what number you use, that’s expensive. But Wise Bread offers us some extreme weddings savings tips than can make the day very affordable. But be warned, there will be lots of compromises. Here are their suggestions and our quick summaries of each idea:

The Ring – Don’t get one.
The Dress – Buy the floor sample.
The Shoes – Would you believe flip flops?
The Registry – Cash is king!
The Ceremony – City Hall will do.
The Centerpieces and Favors – DIY.
The Entertainment – That’s what friends are for.
The Banquet – Chinese food FTW!
The Honeymoon – Plan for a time after the wedding when you can save a bundle.

Feeling special now, ladies? 🙂

Ok, some of the tips are a bit extreme but you can always pick and choose a couple and make your $20k wedding “only” cost $10k if you like. Then again, you could go all the way and have a nice downpayment for a house. The choice is up to you!

Alternative Wedding Ideas for Big Savings [Wise Bread]

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: Nylons and Cake)

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