Samsung Customer Service Won't Exchange Three-Month-Old Broken Monitor

George’s Samsung monitor got the three-month itch and went kaput. When he started dealing with the customer’s service, he found that the monitor wasn’t the only thing that was broken.

His bitter tale:

I wanted to share a Samsung horror story with Consumerist that I was hoping you could post. My Samsung T220HD monitor stopped turning on after just 3 months of service. I contacted Samsung for what seemed like an easy exchange. The replacement I received was scratched all over the front panel, more importantly it stopped turning on after 2 days. I called Samsung Support and they promised a callback within 48 hours to order a replacement. 5 business days passed and I received no callback. I called Executive support at 800-522-7341 and spoke to Pat(Premiere Agent 51), who once again promised a 48-hour callback. I called Executive CS the third time and this time I spoke to Mary who promised to put in a new exchange request for an A stock monitor. … A week passed and I received nothing from Samsung. I called Samsung support and they said my order was cancelled due to no stock availability. I called Executive CS for the fourth time on (7/21/09) and spoke to Mary who promised to look into sending me a comparable monitor and calling me back, within 48 hours. I received no callbacks. I persevered and called Executive Customer Service one more time. I spoke to Barbara who said she didn’t see any stock availability, so the best she could was send an email to her supervisor. She promised her supervisor would call back within 15 minutes. It’s been 3 hours. With every passing minute I come to realize I’m probably going to be stuck with my brick of a Samsung monitor forever.

George sent a follow-up saying supervisor Tiffany would call him back “right after she was done with her call,” but no call came. Then he was told to wait 48 hours, which George believes is code for “never.”

Some calls to Samsung’s Escalated Customer Service seem to be in order. What else should George try?