LendingTree Launches Financial Advice Website

MoneyRight, a new website from LendingTree, seems at first aimed to take on Mint.com in the easy-to-read/use financial snapshot category of web services. However, it also offers financial advice based on your current situation and future goals.

Mint is currently beta-ing their own virtual financial advisor offering, but as it’s by invitation only at the moment, it’s not really an option.

Over at Mashable, Ben Parr compares Mint (original flavor) to MoneyRight. His conclusion:

If you want better visualization and management of your data, you’re better off with Mint. However, if you like the idea of being able to plan out your finances (i.e. there’s a tool that will tell you how many days you have until you’re broke if you’ve been laid off), then LendingTree’s MoneyRight app is a free and impressive choice.

“LendingTree Launches MoneyRight to Challenge Mint in Personal Finance” [Mashable.com]

MoneyRight [LendingTree.com]

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