Hardee's Biggest Franchisee Refuses To Show Anus Spot On TV

Remember Hardee’s anal-centric “a-hole” ads? Even if they never aired in your area, they’ve been floating around online for a few weeks at least. Ben Mayo Boddie, who operates 350 Hardee’s restaurants from his home in North Carolina, has had enough of a-hole this, ball muncher that, and he’s refusing to air the spots.

According to The Big Money, in a letter he wrote to the Parents Television Council (who complained to him about the commercials) Boddie said that the ad campaign “diminishes not only the product but the brand itself,” and he’s asking Hardee’s to pull it from all markets.

“Hardee’s Biggest Franchisee Attacks Hardee’s Ads” [The Big Money] (Thanks to Joanne!)

“Hardee’s New Ad: Our Food Tastes Better Than Someone’s Anus!”

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