Verizon Helpfully Consolidates All Your Bills Into One — And Won't Let You Pay It

It seems like Verizon is still working the bugs out of its One Bill service. Reader Vikram wrote in to warn consumers not to sign up for the service if they’d like to be able to actually pay their bills…

Some info you might want to pass on to other people who follow your blog. I consolidated my Verizon cell & Landline/Internet onto one bill.
End result? Big mistake.

We moved to another house and signed up for Verizon there also. Now for the fun part – I can no longer pay my bill on – because my bill “one bill” account was linked to the old land line that is no longer valid. I can’t pay the balance to Verizon Wireless – because Verizon Wireless apparently takes payment from the “Land Line” part of Verizon and shows me as paid up. I can’t pay the bill via the 800 # and do over the phone pay because my landline & account number are no longer matching up.

Anyway – I’ve spent about 4hrs back and forth with various polite yet clueless people who can’t figure out how to undo this. And – the best part is I’m getting late fees added.

My advice – if you have Verizon service – do not bother to sign up for one bill.

Gee, that sounds like so much fun.


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