Men's Wearhouse Alters Your Suit Early So You Can Attend Your Grandmother's Funeral

Reader Michael emailed to let us know that Men’s Wearhouse, for no extra fee and with no hassle, bumped his suit alterations ahead in the schedule so he could make his grandmother’s funeral on time.

Michael says:

My grandmother was on death’s door, and we all knew that the time would come fairly soon for her to pass on. So, in preparation for the funeral, I dropped off my suit (like many people, I only have one) at Men’s Wearhouse for alterations (I’ve put on a couple pounds since the last time I wore it) on July 11th. The original date that it would have been ready was supposed to be the 23rd, but no one in my family expected my grandmother to hang on that long. I was able to convince them to have it done on the 17th, no additional charge for the rushed job.

Well, she didn’t last even that long. I got a call the evening of the 11th that she had drawn her last breath. I needed to be headed to MN from WI on Sunday the 12th. I called up Men’s Wearhouse, frantic, expecting that I’d simply be out of luck for the alteration and have to find some other solution, but no! A brief check with the tailor’s schedule had my suit moved to the front of the line, and it the first thing they would work on Sunday morning when the tailor got in at 11am, and it would be done at noon. That would leave plenty of time for me to make the 6 hour drive to my parents’ house, and saved me from a lot of panic filled scrambling trying to get a suit that fit. And again, no additional charge for the rush, no hassles, no run around, nothing complicated. So thanks Men’s Wearhouse for making the already painful experience just a little bit easier.

Our condolences, Michael, and thanks for the story.

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