Even Waiting Outside Your Local Comcast Office Will Not Get Your Bill Corrected

Reader Kevin would like to be billed the correct amount for his internet service from Comcast. This is a dream we all share, so let us give our support to Kevin in this dark hour. In his letter to the CEO of Comcast, Kevin says that he has tried many tactics in order to get Comcast to charge him the correct amount — including — but not limited to —- going to the Comcast office and sitting outside in the hope that the account executive would show up. He didn’t. This mysterious account executive has also failed to answer messages left on his work voicemail and his cellphone. Perhaps he has become hopelessly trapped under a vending machine somewhere. Someone should try to find him before the scorpions show up.

Kevin writes:

Beginning last February, my credit card (which is on autopay) began to be charged $181 per month for cable Internet and a block of 13 static IP addresses. Yes, that’s correct, one hundred and eighty one dollars per month just for Internet access.

Obviously, that was wrong so I looked into it and I found that I had been on a contracted rate with Comcast which had been assigned as a promo rate; however, I’m almost certain that nothing I ever signed specified that rate as being a promo rate OR that the rate would end. I’m highly against rate increases because of promotions and would have never signed anything to that effect unless it was not properly noted and/or explained to me.

So beginning last February, and without any notice, Comcast began charging me almost double what I should be paying for Internet.

My account executive Scott explained what was going on and said that he would fix it. I signed a new 2 year contract that was backdated and amounts ($275.25) were credited onto my account. I pointed out the fact that I was still being charged $181 and he said he’d fix that too but it hasn’t happened.

***For the current bill cycle alone, Comcast needs to refund me $74.57.***

This needs to stop so I tried to get it solved by calling the commercial billing support line and they were unable to help me. Another month went by with wrong billing so I began to get more serious about fixing this. For the past month and a half, I have left many voicemails, gone to the local Comcast office to find my account executive—and infact waited for him to arrive for more than 30 minutes without luck. I’ve left messages for him at work, on his cell phone, at the office, EVERYWHERE.

I’ve tried all this and yet I’m being billed $181 per month instead of $106 per month since February.

Can someone there spend some time to help a consumer that just happens to have a business account? (for the static IP addresses)

Thank you,


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