Genius TSA Officer & Baggage Handler Caught Stealing From Decoy Luggage

Two workers at JFK airport fell into a trap set by Delta Airlines and the TSA, says the Daily News. The two men are accused of stealing a Macbook Air and a T-Mobile Sidekick from decoy luggage. The first man, a TSA officer, was videotaped rummaging through a Miami-bound suitcase in an airport screening room while a baggage handler watched.

The duo then switched the luggage tags in order to throw others off the scent. The two geniuses can expect up 4 years in prison if convicted.

We’re glad the TSA is busy humiliating itself for our benefit, but we’d also like to remind you not to check your valuables if at all possible. Keep sensitive items, particularly laptops, with you in the cabin.

Sting nabs sticky-fingered JFK airport workers going through luggage [Daily News via Gothamist] (Thanks, kg!)

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