Don't Let Dad Saw The Legs Off Corpses Or Your Funeral Home Might Get Shut Down

It’s all well and good to let your father help out around the family funeral home, but if he doesn’t have an embalming license—and is maybe too handy with an electric saw—keep him away from the important duties. A South Carolina funeral home just had its license revoked because four years ago the owner’s father sawed the legs off a 6′ 7″ body to make it fit in the casket. The owner didn’t tell the family at the time, and they only found out about it recently when an ex-employee told them. (See below for links to cool funk music—yes, it’s related to this post!)

The body belonged to then 60-year-old J. Hines, an

albino black man who had several modest hits in the 1970s as a soul and funk guitarist with J. Hines and the Boys. He became a preacher later in life. His widow, Ann Hines, wasn’t at Tuesday’s hearing and didn’t return a phone message from The Associated Press.

In honor of Hines, we tried to find some music of his for readers to listen to. We’re all lucky, because someone else already did this and put together both a bio and several mp3s of Hines’ music. Our favorite one is Can’t Think of Nothing, but Funky Bumble Bee is also pretty great.

If you have to bury an oversized loved one, be sure to tell the funeral home that you intend to view the full body before burial. And not to try anything funny with a saw.

“Judge closes SC funeral home that cut corpse legs” [Associated Press]
(Photo: joeannenah)

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