AARP Tells You How To Love Your Money The Old-Fashioned Way

It’s not such a great time to be heading into retirement, which may be a reason prospective retirees may want to glance through the AARP’s 50 Ways To Love Your Money PDF.

Ominously emblazoned with Chase and Visa logos, the pamphlet gives you a rundown on money-management nuts and bolts, such as saving (pay yourself first), budgeting (question your needs and wants), managing debt (admit you’ve got a spending problem), caregiving (establish power of attorney) and credit cards (load up on those tasty Chase Visa cards!)

That last one was a joke, but watching your parents — or especially yourself — barrel into retirement headfirst with no clue as to what they’re doing is just sad. So forward the link to anyone in need of a financial summer school crash course.

50 Ways To Love Your Money [AARP via San Antonio Express-News]
(Photo: DCvision2006)

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