Grocery Shrink Ray Is Reversed, Called A Bonus

CCM just sent us a photo she snapped of these Mission Soft Flour Tortillas. It’s kind of cool to see that in this age of the shrink ray, a company is actually giving you more bang for your buck. Except that in this case, the two added tortillas used to be there until a year or so ago.

This is a picture of Mission Soft Flour Tortillas (Medium size), which are the tortillas my husband has used for years for his Doggos. About a year ago, they were hit by the Grocery Shrink Ray – we were still paying for the 10-tortilla package, but it now came with only eight tortillas. It actually made my husband mad enough to try to find another brand, but none of them were exactly what he wanted – so we went back to them, grudgingly.

And look! Now they are generously providing us with *TWO* extra tortillas, bringing the total back up to 10! It’s kind of like daylight savings, I guess – you’re so happy to get the hour back you don’t notice it was the same one that was stolen from you back in the Spring.

Oh well, at least they didn’t call it a “super size” package and raise the price.

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