No, Your Dog Does Not Want To Watch Fireworks And Drink Margaritas At The Beach

Consumer Reports is always ruining my fun. First, they want me to make sure that the fireworks I set off in my backyard are safety certified. Whatever. Now they’re telling me that I shouldn’t bring my dog to see fireworks with me. AND that I shouldn’t give her any beer, or even let her help herself to the barbecue this weekend.

Here’s their entire list of demands:

  • Leave your dog at home when you go to see fireworks. If he’s crate trained, you might put him there, where he feels the safest.
  • Don’t feed your dog from the picnic table or grill. Bones, potato chips and cookies could make him sick.
  • No matter how fun the party gets, never give your dog alcohol.
  • Remember that, while the beach seems like a treat for you, a hot day on the sand can leave your dog sunburned, dehydrated and sick from drinking salt water. Follow the AKC’s guidelines to keep your pet healthy and happy throughout the summer.

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(Photo: Mark)

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