Have Your Say About Credit Card Reform

We’ve been keeping you posted about the progress of credit card reform, and sharing stories of readers who have already been affected by credit card companies‘ policy changes. Now the nice folks at Consumers Union want to hear about what kinds of stunts credit card companies are trying to pull on their customers. Won’t you share your stories with them?

Here’s what they’re looking for:

Has your credit card company made any of the following changes to your account since May 2009?

  • Added a new fee or raised an old fee.
  • Increased your interest rate.
  • Closed your account.
  • Lowered your credit limit.
  • Took away rewards.
  • If you’ve experienced any new issues with your credit card company, they’d love to hear about that, too. You can also e-mail the campaign organizer directly about your experiences.

    What’s been happening with your credit card account?
    [Consumers Union]

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