Credit Card Companies Return To Soliciting Children, Household Pets For Cards

I’m pleased to announce that the credit crunch is officially over. I’m basing this on a credit card solicitation sent to a Mr. Lazarus H. of Iowa. Lazarus, pictured at left, is seven years old.

His father, John, wrote to Consumerist:

My 7 year old son got mail from American Express and Northwest Airlines today. They want him to have his own credit card card it seems. He’s already been scavenging our home for things that look like gold to send off to to fund the ant farm he wants, so luckily I got to this before he could fill it out in crayon and send it back in. This isn’t as funny as when my dog got a credit card offer about 10 years ago, but its still pretty funny.

We can only hope that he wouldn’t be approved, but I am slightly disturbed at this insight into how Cash4Gold commercials are affecting our nation’s youth.

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