RyanAir: Bye Bye, Checked Bags And Airport Check-In. Hello, Gambling!

RyanAir this week announced that they will soon eliminate all airport check-in counters and require passengers to carry-on their luggage. Starting early next year, passengers will need to schlep their bags through airport security and drop them at the steps of the plane for checking into plane’s cargo hold. Once aboard though, there will be gambling!

A spokesman from the safety regulation group at the U.K.’s Civil Aviation Authority said that although there are no explicit rules that prohibit such practice, there were logistical and security issues. More luggage would lengthen security screening times while some baggage might not even fit through scanners, he said.

Under Ryanair’s proposed policy, passengers would not be allowed to pack liquids, razors and other items now prohibited in carry-on baggage, despite having the luggage stored in the aircraft’s cargo hold.

Ryanair did not specify whether personnel responsible for loading and unloading baggage would be Ryanair employees or members of an independent baggage-handling service.

The airline expects to debut their in-flight gambling service within five years, even though the U.K. Gambling Association says that “all forms of commercial betting and gaming are illegal on aircraft.” Whatever. Norms and rules are for other airlines, not RyanAir. No, they’ll never abandon their zealous mission to become the first successful airline with the motto: “Bring Your Own Plane!”

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(Photo: scalleja)

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