Kroger Won't Accept Coupons From …Kroger?

John printed out some coupons from grocery store Kroger’s Web site. That’s not where he went wrong, though. John had the audacity to try to exchange them for discounts. On Kroger brand products. At Kroger. Experienced coupon users can guess what happens next.

I went to my local Kroger store (in Bexley, OH) and tried to use 2 coupons I
printed from their website. (If you go to and look toward the
bottom of the page, you’ll see plain as day that they have printable coupons
on their website: “Save More Than $100! Don’t wait for the newspaper! Print
your coupons at home.”)

Both of my coupons were for Kroger brand yogurt and worth around 90 cents
altogether. The cashier refused to take them, saying he was told not to
take any internet coupons. I told him they were from the Kroger website,
but he wouldn’t budge. It was late, so I decided to get the yogurt anyway
and then send a complaint to Kroger corporate.

John has not updated us on what, if anything, Kroger had to say about the situation.

(Photo: mundane_joy)

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