FAFSA To Get Dramatically Shorter, Less Painful

The Department of Education has announced that the FAFSA, considered (by me) to suck worse than any form ever, is getting shorter and less painful. Most importantly for those of you who have procrastination-prone parents that just don’t enjoy filling out forms (me, again), the FAFSA will allow students applying for financial aid in the spring semester of 2010 to “seamlessly retrieve their relevant tax information from the IRS for easy completion.”

In addition to shrinking from 30 screens to 10, CNN says that the new FAFSA will replace soul-destroying bureaucrat speech with simple, easy to understand questions.

For example, the question, “At any time… did your high school or school district homeless liaison determine that you were an unaccompanied youth who was homeless?” will instead be, “Are you homeless?”

Well, yay.

Form for student loans will become shorter [CNN]
Obama Administration Announces Streamlined College Aid Application [Department of Education]
(Photo:the idealist)

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