Facebook Encourages Open Marriages—Just Ask Dan's Wife

One thing I personally hate about Facebook is how the ads co-opt my friends’ pictures and use them to try to sell me stupid stuff. Dan received one of those types of ads yesterday, only the combination of text and photo selection was a little… um, let’s say “open minded.”

I’m an avid reader (checking multiple times per day) and thought you guys would appreciate the attached ad I was presented with after I finished taking a friends’ “How well do you know me?” quiz.

“Hey Dan!” The ad said. “Hot singles are waiting for you!”

And on the left hand side was a picture of my wife!

Apparently, this particular ad grabbed a picture of one of my friends to display with the ad and unfortunately, just happened to grab my wife’s picture.

I promise this is not doctored.

Thought you’d enjoy it.

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