Hotel Gold-Buying Events Soil The Good Name Of Cash4Gold

Cash4Gold has an important message that they want us in the media to bring to the public. As the most respected name in direct-to-consumer gold ripoffs, Cash4Gold is “greatly concerned” that other entities are fraudulently using their good name for in-person gold-buying events.

“The only way for customers to know for sure that they are working with the real Cash4Gold is to contact us via our website or one of the official toll-free hotlines featured in our advertisements,” said Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson.

“Cash4Gold does all of its business direct to consumers and we do not operate any physical stores. All true Cash4Gold advertising points to the company’s official website and hotlines; any other use of our logo is fake, whether it is being used to advertise a website, promote a gold swap party or call attention to a gold buying event or store at a local mall.

You hear that? Your local pawn shop is only offering CASH 4 GOLD, not Cash4Gold.

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