Company Offering Paid Security Lines For Special People Fails

A company offering special, more efficient security lines for frequent travelers has failed and ceased operation on Monday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Members of the service, called “Clear”, paid as much as $199 a year and underwent background checks in order to access awesome security lines at participating airports. These security lines apparently led to the same checkpoints as everyone else uses. The company claims to have signed up 260,000 travelers.

Apparently, the new streamlined “black diamond” security line for business travelers may have put Clear out of business.

[An Atlanta airport spokesperson] said the shutdown of Clear “will not impact our customers” because although Clear members had their own lines leading up to security screening, they used the same checkpoint lanes as other passengers to proceed through metal detectors and have luggage screened.

The airport also expanded its security checkpoints and launched streamlined, free security lanes for non-Clear members with designations such as black diamond for expert travelers. That, along with other factors, lessened the advantage Clear had to attract members.

“Since our security expansion last fall, security lines at Hartsfield have rarely exceeded 10 minutes,” Kennedy said.

The company’s website says that no refunds are to be issued “at the present time.” Despite that unfortunate reality, when the potential for shenanigans is taken into account, the closing of this service seems like no great loss to planet Earth.

Clear shuts down paid airport security lines business [AJC] (Thanks, j!)

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