Man Uses Geek Squad Badge To Impersonate Cop, Coerce Sex Out Of Prostitute

If a man says he’s a police officer and flashes a badge at you, then tells you to have sex with him or he’ll arrest you, make sure the badge doesn’t say Geek Squad on it first. That’s what a woman says happened to her in Parsippany, New Jersey last week.

The alleged victim told police that she had agreed to meet the suspect – Jay Mora, 25, of Newark – at the hotel to “engage in a sex-for-money transaction,” according to the police report.

While in a room together, Mora allegedly passed off his Geek Squad ID as a State Police badge and told the woman he would release her without arrest if she agreed to have sex with him, police said. After they engaged in sexual acts, the suspect allegedly refused to leave the room, police said.

We had no idea that Geek Squad IDs looked that real, but we’ll be sure to keep this in mind the next time we take a computer in for repair and are suddenly “arrested” and carted off to the employee bathroom. Fool me three times, shame on me, fool me four times, I know that’s not a police badge now.

By the way, maybe Geek Squad should rethink its faux-crime fighting branding a little, or at least get rid of the badges and the creative police force names for everyone. Check out these descriptions of positions from the Geek Squad website.

Available Positions:
Store Agent positions:

* Counter Intelligence Agent (CIA)
* Deputy of Counter Intelligence (DCI)
* Store Service Manager (SSM)

Field Agent positions:

* Double Agent (DA)
* Certified Special Agent (CSA)
* Deputy Field Marshal (DFM)

It sounds like Jay just took the whole conceit one step further, then added a dirty cop twist. (Note that we have no idea whether he’s actually a Geek Squad employee at this point.)

“Cops: Man posed as officer, flashed ‘Geek Squad’ badge to force sex” [Daily Record] (Thanks to Jeremiah!)

(Photo: zyphbear and bradleygee)

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