U.S. Open Backtracks After Telling 42,500 People They'll Get No Refund For Spending A Day In The Rain

The U.S. Golf Association initially told 42,500 U.S. Open ticketholders who spent most of Thursday standing in the rain that they would be unable to refund or exchange their tickets. Then New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo stepped in and convinced the USGA to make the washed-out tickets valid for entry on Monday. Tomorrow’s forecast: rain.

Not everyone was happy with this deal. U.S. Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) says the half-price refund offer isn’t fair. “It’s only half a solution,” Israel said. “People paid $100 for these [Thursday] tickets and they should be fully repaid.”

Throughout the morning Friday, lawyers in the attorney general’s office studied the inclement weather policy and pointed out weaknesses in it.

Fay acknowledged that he had heard vigorous complaints from fans after the Thursday round was called off after only 3 hours, 16 minutes. “We understand that our ticket policy is both vague and rigid,” Fay said, “and I think some people were upset with the vagueness of it and some people were upset with the rigidity.”

He indicated that the USGA had been in talks with representatives for Cuomo and Gov. David Paterson, who was at the course Friday.

U.S. Open tickets cost $100 and up. If it rains again tomorrow, the USGA plans to refund half the ticket’s value.

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