MSN Calls The Hackintosh "Amazing"

MSN has a neat article about the 38 “amazing things” that you didn’t know the technology you own could do. The well-meaning writers posted about a neat tech trick, without realizing how it could be misinterpreted.

One of the tips posted is how to run Mac OS X on your Netbook…with only just a bit of light license violation and piracy.

Accepting Apple’s end-user license agreement means that you agree to use OS X only on Mac hardware. You break that agreement as soon as you install Apple’s software on a non-Apple netbook.
Additionally, many of the netbook installation methods discussed on the Internet rely on a pirated, hacked version of Apple’s OS with updated hardware drivers. It’s illegal to download OS X for this project — so don’t do it. Also, you should be uncomfortable with the potential for hidden surprises lurking within pirated software. What’s to stop a nefarious hacker from inserting code to log your passwords?

Okay. So I won’t download my OS. But, as the readers who sent this story to us asked, should a Microsoft-owned site really be promoting this sort of thing? Reader Will proposed a conspiracy theory:

I’m pretty sure they may have done this on purpose. People will still buy a Windows laptop, Microsoft still gets the money for the license, Apple gets screwed.

38 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Your Tech Could Do [MSN]

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