Man Dies Trying To Stop Verizon Van

The Washington Post says that a 79-year-old widower died after trying to stop a Verizon technician from pulling out of his drive way. The man was apparently extremely frustrated with his service, in addition to being quite lonely since his wife passed away from a stroke.

Police say that after the Verizon tech was finished working on the man’s service, he got into his van and began to leave. The homeowner was upset and followed the tech to his vehicle.

The homeowner “continued to express his dissatisfaction and tried to block the technician’s van from leaving his driveway,” a police spokesperson told the Post.

The technician got inside his van. [The homeowner] Cornelius moved out of the way, and the technician began to drive away, according to police.

That was when Cornelius “reached in through the van window and grabbed the steering wheel,” [the police spokesperson] said. Cornelius fell to the ground. He was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Police are still investigating whether the man’s death was caused by the fall or something else.

Verizon called the incident a “tragic accident,” and are cooperating with police.

Vienna Man Dies After Bid to Stop Verizon Van [Washington Post] (Thanks, Shera!)

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