Mindy Is Not A Beanbag

The founder of Sumolounge.com, an online beanbag company known for high quality products and good prices but not necessarily great follow-through on the shipping/delivery side of things, responded personally to our post yesterday on Eric’s troubles with them. Among other things, he says our theory about Mindy is incorrect: “She is not a bean bag.”

This is how the scientific process should work, and for that we thank him. On a more serious note we’re glad that he jumped into the thread so quickly and resolved the issue. More important, he addressed the overarching issues with customer service, which several other readers/customers pointed out in their own comments. As catastrophegirl notes in the comment thread, “I just really do find myself amazed and respectful of company representatives who respond on this site because they open themselves up to a lot of… feedback.” Here’s hoping all that feedback helps them address customer issues more quickly in the future.

“Beanbag Chair Website May Actually Be Run By Beanbag Chairs”

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