Crisis At The Florist: When Cooler Heads Prevail

Flower shop proprietors Billy and Mrs. Billy, previously seen in this Ask the Consumerists post seeking a used floral cooler, have found a solution. The business survives! Billy offers a virtual bouquet of thanks to everyone who tried to help in their hour of need. How did they solve the cooler crisis?

After weeks of trying to get our floral cooler fixed, it has been fixed as of 2:00pm today! The issue was with the dryer valve and not the compressor. The valve was completely clogged and we had a new one soldiered on. It went from 85 degrees to 44 degrees in 15 minutes. It is the best $324.45 I have ever spent!

I had given up on the refrigeration guy who was coming to give me a deal. He never showed and only made excuses each time I spoke to him. I asked around at some of the restaurants and everyone uses the one company I will not do business with. I felt like we were stuck. My only other option was to buy another unit, but couldn’t find one cheap enough or one that worked correctly.

I decided to call a guy who was coming out to setup a new alarm system to find out why he had not been out. He had been out, but we had just missed each other. I asked him why there are two business names on his business card and he said his other business is refrigeration. I asked him about the cooler and he showed up last night to look. He knew instantly what the issue was and didn’t charge for the diagnostic. He instead sent his partner out today to fix it. It took him 40 minutes and now everything is working perfect. All he did was soldier on a new dryer valve and service ports. He filled with freon and we tested. It was a great feeling to finally see it working again!

Thanks to everyone who commented on this story! Your ideas and suggestions kept my spirits up and I knew we would find a solution to the problem. Keep up the good work and great ideas…your help DOES make a difference!

It’s fantastic to hear that finding a competent repairperson was all that the business needed to get back to work and restocked with all those pretty, pretty flowers.

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