Best Buy Accepts 12 Year Old Gift Certificate Without Complaint

Jon wrote back with the results of his attempt to redeem a gift certificate that’s over a decade old.

Happily, my story ends with no drama. I went to the Springfield, IL BestBuy and went straight to the customer service counter when we wanted to check out. Gail had indeed never seen such an anachronism, but she handled it without a complaint. She had to bring in another representative, but they immediately gave me the credit on my purchase and planned to sort out the accounting later.

A good story to tell is certainly worth $40, but I’m nonetheless pleased Best Buy honored the gift certificate without grousing.

“No drama” isn’t what usually makes for a good post here on Consumerist, but we’re happy that this worked out all around. Now we’re going to go dig through old Christmas and birthday cards for overlooked scraps of paper.

“Will Best Buy Accept A Gift Certificate That’s 12 Years Old?”

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